Dos and Don'ts of Wedding Video Packages

There are so many options to include in your package.  What does The Knot say you should stick with?

Don't Include: A Photomontage

These became popular like 20 years ago.  However, a more engaging option for couples to have for guests to watch could be your "Our Love Story" film.  This is a way to present video to entertain your guests at the reception with and let them in on how your story became what it is today.

Do Include: A Digital File

This is the way to keep the memory for yourself on your devices in the highest quality.  We also recommend getting a blu-ray if you are hoping to watch the films in high quality on your bigger screens.

Do Include: The Ceremony

Let's face it... you are so in the moment you will barely remember one word that is said at the ceremony.  Why not have a copy that you can watch when you are out of the moment to be able to re-live and remember the most special day of your life!

Don't Include: Guest Interviews

These can go south when guests have had too much to drink or if people are too camera shy.  They CAN however be very fun if the bride and groom create a jar of questions that guests pick at random to answer on the video and have a designated area to film rather than at tables or where people are caught off-guard.  This is what we do with our Live Guest Book option.

Do Include: The Reception

Along with the rest of your whirlwind day, these moments can get lost in the blur.  It is fun to be able to watch all of the events and special moments as well as to see all of the fun that the guests had when you are all able to enjoy what you spent so much time and money to pull off.  We capture everything from the introduction of the couple to cutting the cake, speeches and first dances as well as any other special events you may have planned.

Do Include: A Highlight Reel

This is the best option to share with friends and family because it condenses all of the best moments of the day into an enjoyable length.  They get to see the behind the scenes peek of the getting ready and the first look.  They love to watch clips of all the fun moments of the day display the love you have for each other.

Don't Include: Raw Footage

There are probably 10+ hours of raw footage, some un-usable shots or unflattering angles.  This will not be something you will want to sift through.  Plus, the video files are shot in high quality so it can be 120+ GB, which is hard to transfer and download.  Let us do the work of finding the best footage to give you to watch.  We will capture and give you those special moments that you actually want to see in a time-frame worthwhile to watch.  Between the highlight film, ceremony and speeches you can usually expect to have 40-60 minutes of quality video to enjoy.

Do Include: A Second Shooter

This makes it much easier to have quality video and more interesting shots.  It is impossible for one shooter to be two places at one time.  Having two shooters allows us to provide you with the angles to cut back and forth to keep the film moving as well as have footage of both the bride and the groom.  Our packages all include two shooters so you won't have to worry about an additional cost from us for this option!


We hope this information helps you decide what options you would like to include or not include in your package!  As always, we will answer any questions you may have.