Many Brides' #1 Regrets

"I regret not hiring a professional videographer. There were so many funny, sentimental, thoughtful, surprising, best-day-of-our-life moments that I wish were captured on video." - (From "")

"The wedding was amazing. But while I had an amazing photographer, I didn't hire a professional videographer. So many wonderful moments were captured frozen in time, but there are no moving images." - (From "")


As a bride that was married just last fall (Sep. 2016), I can tell you that I have ZERO regrets about my wedding.  To be honest, I'm surprised it went so smoothly!  We were back and forth about having our wedding filmed. This was before we had started Riparea and we had never really seen good examples of what a ceremony or cinematic film could look like.  All I can say is that I am so very thankful that we ended up having our wedding filmed. Believe it or not, we enjoy reliving our day by watching the video far more than going through an album of pictures.  

While that is probably surprising, since usually photography is the "must" and videography is always "extra," I can tell you that we have watched our wedding on video dozens of times and gone through our pictures only once or twice. We got to relive the day while watching the events on our honeymoon, which was really the highlight.  I can not stress how amazing it was to share those moments together all over again before having to settle back into "normal life."  

We decided to start a videography company because we have always had a passion for the medium and thought that there should be someone out there that could provide top quality films without the hefty price tag that many other videographers charge.  We didn't think it was fair to couples to have to choose between poor quality films that were affordable and memorable films that break the wedding budget. 

We typically spend 20-25 hours in total on the day of the wedding and another 25-30 hours in editing, color grading, and fine tuning your film; working around the clock from the time the reception ends to get you your film before you return from your honeymoon.  That is our goal for every wedding and it is our goal for yours!  

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